Why "Stories In Color?"

How being lost lead me home...

Learning how to cook, only teaches you technique.

When I retired from the Army, I had a decision to make. What does a soldier do in a civilian world? As I thought through my options, the words of my mother came to mind after I graduated college; "You can always go to Culinary School, but can only go to Serve while you're young." I had already served, so I figured that it was time to go back to school.

As a chef, you are constantly asked to define your style. "What is your favorite thing to cook? What type of food do you cook? What is the name of your restaurant?" Harmless enough, but these questions come with an inference that there is a style. That you are responsible for being a representative of something, some overarching story. What is felt like they were asking was "What do you represent?"

"People don't care what you sell, they care who you are."

These words told to me by my father have never left me. They have guided me on my journey of self discovery and helped me form my culinary identity. "Diaspora Cooking" is the name of my style. It is a style that incubuses all of the journeys that I have been on and the parts of me that want to reconnect with my cooking roots while incorporating all of the things that I have learned on my path. Here at Our Stories In Color, we blend these principles with dishes and the telling of stories that will bring a greater appreciation of all the "little things" that make the big picture a little clearer.

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